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Why use Upknown?

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Automatically add job-seekers from your inbox.
Candidate info not in your email? Manually upload via the web app.
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Build a stream of vetted candidates with notes, resumes, and endorsements.
We organize so you can focus on making genius connections.
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Share your candidates with your network via weekly summary emails.
Easily control who has access to your talent stream--and who doesn't.


How it works

  • Add
  • Organize
  • Connect
  • Forward job-seekers to Upknown

    Upknown scrapes the resume and your email for information, indexing the candidate. Forward feature 1a361288f189c3f32806fd442d8f60a55466832c67d603978cea0b1ee0f46630
  • Organize the assets in your network

    Upknown formats job-seekers and jobs so you can easily find candidates and opportunities when needed. Organize feature dfa57503f96b09f95495e4cb9d4a59b32de32e5aa390475a046867fb9dda0832
  • Distribute job-seekers and jobs

    Upknown builds a weekly digest email of your assets and sends it to approved followers. Mail feature 33b233ed17fb0e1ea13edd5207510f57095078546399dd8025f0d74cd8c4f962

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